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Monday, December 26, 2011

"Text Neck" What Is It And How To Avoid It

        The older you get, the more you realize there are pros and cons to everything. Even all the amazing new technology we have these days is no exception. For example, there is a new condition called "text neck" and it is said to be on the rise due to the amount of time people spend hunched over their cell phones, tablets and computer screens.
        Experts say cases of this repetitive strain injury are on the rise as smart phones and tablet computers (such as the iPad) become increasingly popular.In severe cases, the muscles can eventually adapt to fit the flexed position, making it painful to straighten the neck out properly.This can be serious because long-term effects of such postural changes are believed to cause neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and even arthritis, later in life.
        "Imagine sitting on your ankle sideways for 10 minutes. It would feel stiff and sore when you returned it to its natural position. That is exactly what people are doing with their necks. If people continue to put their necks in these positions, the body will gradually adapt to the stresses,
 added one Chiropractor who sees text neck patients regularly. One of the best ways to avoid "text neck" is to simply move.  Don't stay in any one position too long.Tuck your chin and bend your neck to the back and to the front, then side-to-side and circles, as long as this does not cause any pain.
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