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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Did Dr. Oz Really Say This Tiny Tibetan Fruit Is The "New Miracle Berry?"

DON'T BE FOOLED! Separate fact from miracle
claim fiction and discover why one fitness author says
Dr. Oz and Oprah have sued over 50 companies... 

        Miracle this!  Amazing that!  How many times have you heard about a "magical" plant that will instantly melt 50 pounds off your waistline - or cure you from any disease known to humankind?

        There is always "proof" that this magical plant works because some culture or tribe or group of people living in some far off mystical land has been using it for centuries and they are all skinny, healthy and live to be 165 years old!

        If this stuff is so good, why hasn't everyone already heard about it? Because... it's been hidden in that far off, mystical land!

        Ah... the magic of advertising.  You have to love how the magical cures are never found in someone's backyard in Ohio. It's always halfway across the world, usually in a rainforest.

        Well, now there is a tiny Tibetan fruit that is claimed to help people lose weight without any other kind of diet of exercise.

        The fruit is the sea buckthorn berry and advertisers are going crazy because it was mentioned on the Dr. Oz show.

        Here's what einnews.com had to say about the issue, "Sea buckthorn oil is a helpful antioxidant, but fitness author Rusty Moore warns us to be skeptical of some of the claims websites are making. Buzz was generated online after Dr Oz featured this 'super food' on his TV show. Dr Oz claims that sea buckthorn oil is a healthy supplement that aids in digestion and has antioxidant properties similar to Vitamin C.

        "Online marketers have been using the endorsement of Dr. Oz to distribute sea buckthorn oil. In the past 3 years, Dr. Oz and Oprah Winfrey have sued over 50 companies who were using their endorsement without permission. Unfortunately, several companies were making exaggerated weight loss claims when it came to supplements Dr. Oz simply mentioned on his program."

        The same thing happened several years ago when Dr. Oz mentioned the Acai Berry was a good antioxidant and a useful supplement.

        That mention was taken by advertisers and used as a personal endorsement for all kinds of wild claims.

        What's the bottom line with all this?

        Obviously, some foods are better than others.  Some are more nutrient dense with building blocks your body can use, while others are not. You want to eat as many positive nutrient dense foods as possible. Obviously, comparing Sea Buckthorn to a Chicken Nugget - the Sea Buckthorn is a relative miracle food. But, so is an apple given the same comparison.

        The reality check is this:  You must eat good food, exercise and reduce stress CONSISTENTLY TO ACHIEVE AND MAINTAIN REAL HEALTH.

        This includes losing weight and keeping it off.  There are right ways to do things that work better than others, but there are no shortcuts.There is no magical plant from a mythical far away land that will turn you into Superman or Superwoman.

        Both Acai and Sea Buckthorn are most likely good for you and can help your body get the nutrients it needs to function properly, but don't expect a miracle.  Miracles happen from doing the right thing long enough.

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