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Monday, November 7, 2011

Tip of the Month


Meditation For Pain Relief

        Not too long ago, meditation was WAY out of the mainstream.  But, things have changed. For example, according to the Times Of India, in April, 2011, a study by the researchers at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center indicated that a person can attain at least 40 percent decrease in pain intensity and 57 percent in pain unpleasantness merely by practicing [meditation] techniques regularly. This reduction in pain was actually found to be better than morphine and other pain-relieving drugs. Magnetic resonance imaging showed increased brain wave activity (responsible for pain reduction) in study participants after meditation. Scientists could see WHAT was happening - but they did not understand HOW, until now...According to recent research published at the Brain Research Bulletin, investigators from Harvard, MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have identified a possible answer. They suggested the explanation probably lies in alpha wave manipulation in the brain. Researchers said, by practicing the techniques of mindfulness meditation for a period of eight-weeks or above, you can control the activity of these brain waves. Looking into meditation may not only be a possible way to relieve pain, it can also relieve stress. And, relieving stress can, in turn, relieve pain. It's amazing how everything works hand-in-hand.

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