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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tip Of The Month

Shocking And Surprising Things Chefs Don't Want You To Know - What order makes them mad and what THEY never order when they go out to eat.Roaches? Recycled Bread? And What Happens To Your Food When You Send It Back!!!

Have you seen the movie, "Waiting..."? If not, it's about shenanigans that go on at a restaurant by the waiters, managers and cooks. It's a comedy and not "real." But, it shows a lot of things people are afraid actually happens behind the scenes when they go out to eat.

For example, one customer sends his steak back because it is not cooked to his liking. So what does the cook do? He freaks out. Throws the steak on the floor... says, "oooops"... picks it up and puts it back on the grill. The movie shows a lot worse than that!

Well, does any of this stuff really occur? And besides that - what are some of the things chefs probably don't want you to know? Food Network Magazine surveyed thousands of Chefs (anonymously) across the country - and here's what they found...

Chefs Are Picky Eaters But Hate Picky Eaters!

Yes... this may be a little contradictory. But come on - you probably don't like some of the things you do either! According to the survey, 60% of chefs said requests for substitutes were annoying. One of the biggest annoyances was when customers "pretend" to be allergic to something. Hmmmm... one has to wonder how they knew they were "pretending?"

Chefs Have Expensive Taste And Avoid Pasta And Chicken

The restaurant chefs listed the most as "best in the country" was The French Laundry in California's Napa Valley. Dinner there is $240 per person, before wine. They avoid chicken and pasta because they are often the most over-priced items on the menu. Ironically, they like fast food... Wendy's topping the list.

What About Roaches?

Are you sitting down? You are... good. 75% said they have seen roaches in the kitchen! Also, on a scale of 1-10, 85% of chefs rate their kitchen as an 8 or above for being clean.

Do Chefs Spit In Your Food If You Send It Back?

Only 13% said they saw chefs do bad things to people's food. The worst was, "Someone once ran a steak through a dishwasher after the diner sent it back twice. Ironically, the customer was happy with it then." Three of the chefs said they re-used uneaten bread after it was taken back from the tables.

Chefs also work hard!

They average between 60-80 hours a week and work holidays. Their average pay is $75,000 a year. And there's more... like menu specials are often experimental dishes, fresh fish deliveries do NOT come on Sundays, and the appropriate tip for your meal is 20%. The complete article can be found by googling "25 Things Chefs Never Tell You Food Network Magazine".

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