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Monday, September 27, 2010

Fibromyalgia: Exercise Recommendations

Health Update: Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a chronic condition that affects the muscles of the body in a generalized way, producing pain that is usually located in many areas. This widespread pain can impact many aspects of one's life and disrupt jobs, hobbies, and relationships.

Last month, we discussed dietary strategies that can be employed to minimize the inflammatory process in the body.

This month, we will continue the concept, "...what else can I do to help myself?" When you adopt the dietary recommendations described last month with the exercise recommendations that will be presented here, this combination will have a dramatic effect on minimizing the activity disabling qualities of fibromyalgia.

Let's break exercise down into three categories: strengthening, stretching, and aerobics. It is recommended you choose exercises from each category that are most appealing to you so you can develop a "regular habit" with these approaches. Recognize that as long as you're breathing, you will need to exercise. It's not like, "...once I get into shape, I can stop and enjoy my healthy condition that I've worked hard to achieve." Hence, make exercise automatic - something that you "look forward" to doing (not dreading). Presented here are three categories of exercises - choose several from each category and mix them up - and do it EVERY DAY!!! * Bruegger's Stretch: Sit up VERY straight, extend the arms back (straight elbows) spread fingers, tuck chin, breath full/slowly and repeat 3 times.

Note, we can help teach these to you if you're not sure how to do these!

We recognize the importance of including chiropractic in your treatment planning and realize you have a choice of providers. If you, a friend or family member requires care for FM, we sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence shown by choosing our services and look forward in serving you and your family presently and, in the future.

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