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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Great Information About Getting Fit And Eating Healthy Starting RIGHT NOW… From Your Local Fitness Focused Doctor!

Dr. Duncan here. The New Year is upon us and if you are like most, you could be eating a little better and exercising a little more – and smarter! Who hasn’t been a little lazy and eaten a few things they shouldn’t over the holidays? Not me – HA! Or maybe you’d like to start eating right and exercising for the first time – and want to do it right…injury free. Either way, this free information will be very helpful and valuable to you. Here is a list of 10 great websites you can go to for FREE!... all kinds of information about exercise, eating right, staying healthy naturally and more. Isn’t it great to have good, free information right at your finger-tips to make things so much easier? And whether you are a rookie beginner or a seasoned pro, it is always a good idea to get a pre-injury evaluation with us. This helps detect any minor problems you may have that can become major issues if an exercise program is started or escalated. To get your pre-injury evaluation simply call my office at 810-225-2288 and we will schedule the time that works best for both of us.

1. Workoutz.com

Tons of great free workout videos – with new videos and advice added all the time.

2. Fitnessonline.com

Free topics include: Lose weight, build muscle, eat healthy, pregnancy fitness, fitness calculators and free newsletters.

3. Wellness.com

General Wellness, Wellness for Women, Wellness for Men, Family & Parenting, Exercise & Fitness, Diet & Nutrition, Relationships & Sex, Environmental Wellness, Personal Development, Pet Wellness

4. Mercola.com

One of the most visited natural health sites on the internet.

5. Fitnessmagazine.com

Healthy recipes, weight loss, health, beauty.

6. Crossfit.com

Effective and fun training for beginners up to professional athletes.

7. Bodyrock.tv

Videos for women interested in having a serious beach body by summer!

8. Menshealth.com

Provides information and tips on fitness, health, career, relationships, nutrition, recipes, weight-loss and muscle building.

9. Nutritiondata.com

Tons of free nutrition tools and information.

10. Videofiness.com

Fitness video reviews, forums to discuss and meet like-minded people, video exchange.

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